9 янв. 2014 г.

Tower of London!!!

By Karina Makarova

I'd like to tell you about one of the most important and fascinating places of interest in London which is the Tower of London.

As all of you know, the Tower of London is one of the most known ancient fortresses and its famous seven ravens are, according to a legend, a symbol of Tower's life. While a legend is a legend; however, the English believe in it and take care of ravens as good as they can. 

Ravens have a spacious cage where they can eat and relax, but it doesn't mean that they are sitting in the cage the whole time, not at all! They are moving freely and by the way are quite friendly so that some of the visitors who have some food may feed them.They don't bite!:)

When you are approaching to the Tower, first what you notice is the Tower of Brigde and then you see the Tower itself. It looks  so massive at the first sight and when you enter inside it seems that you step into  another world, an english world.

The territory of the Tower is quite big with 21 towers on it. Each tower has a unique complex of tematic areas such as  an astronomical observatory, the Royal Mint of the Tower  - discovering the story of minted coins of the Tower, the prison itself with a special place for tortures and many others. Of course, there is a royal palace in the center of the fortress, but it's not as big as we are usually used to seeing.

However, i was really impressed by the complex of Crown Jewels where you can follow the development of the decoration of the Royal Crown. At the beginning, the crown was modest and simple but the next samples were better and better, richer and richer, more beautiful and of course heavier. Unfortunatelly, we weren‘t allowed to take pictures there, so i can't share with you this beauty but definately it's a place which it's worth visiting.

We spent there around 3 hours and it was a pleasure to feel like you are finding yourself on the page of a hisorical book about London. It was amazing!!

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