26 янв. 2014 г.

The British Museum

By Viktoriia Kukhtiuk

If you decide to visit Great Britain, it's a really great opportunity to learn more about its history and culture, especially if you want to study English. In London you have more than enough opportunities to improve your knowledge. There are plenty of fascinating museums, galleries, exhibitions. The most surprising fact for me was that the majority of London's museums are free.

Just come and educate yourself! The British museum is free too. It's so huge. First impression when you come in is that it doesn't look like typical museum. The main hall is light and so airy. 

As you may know, The British Museum was established in 1753 and it is the oldest public museum in the world, and one of the biggest. It has about 8 million incredible works. Actually, it's impossible to see all of them in one day, so I paid attention to some rooms like Roman Britain and Britain and Europe 800 BC-AD 43, and also North America. 

There are really great collections of works. What I found the most interesting was the Iron Age in Britain. It is the period when people used iron instead of bronze to make tools and weapons. So, if you ever are in London, I definitely advise you to visit this museum. It's worth it!

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