20 янв. 2014 г.

London Dungeons

By Valeria Tyukankina

During our London trip we visited one of the most terrifying attractions: the Albion- London Dungeons. It is a thrill-filled journey through London’s past taking about 90 minutes. It was amazing experience for me because I actually do not prefer these kind of entertainments, but after London Dungeons I’ve changed my mind.

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At the very beginning we were met in a lift by a leper who set up the tone of the journey preparing us to see the horrible history of London. We went a couple of floors underground by an elevator or it is better to say infernal machine (because it really looked like it was going to get stuck somewhere between our world and the hell) and found ourselves near the river Thames. From that moment our adventure started. We sat in boats which suddenly appeared from the depth of a tunnel and slowly went with the stream into absolute darkness. After five minutes of my screams we got to the great walls of Tudor London, then went to visit a ghost of mysterious Guy Fawkes and saw a very realistic explosion. So, most of us know that before his death Guy Fawkes had been tortured for 10 days, but hardly anyone knows how did tortures use to work. 

We were lucky! A beautiful lady-torturer showed us a lot of interesting tools, fortunately, not by demonstration on people, though one of us had been locked in a cage for a bit ;) Next excitement on our way was meeting a plague doctor’s assistant who was trying to fight with disease but had been driven insane during the process I suppose and scared me to death when he threw away his “patient’s” bowels.

Surprisingly, we met up with Mrs. Lovett (a character from ‘Sweeney Todd’ play) and were given the invitation to her famous pie shop and Mr. Sweeney Todd’s barber house. It was the most fascinating show I have ever seen! Actors were so realistic that in some moments I started to believe that they were going to commit a real murder. Our next stop was in the 1888 when the whole London was afraid of the serial killer Jack the Ripper and dark streets were no longer safe, so we came in the Ten Bells Pub. Hereafter we went to courtroom where the funniest judge ever convicted all of us and sentenced us to death by hanging, but gallows turned into an attraction and we fell down screaming and laughing at the same time.

In addition, London Dungeons aren’t similar to typical rooms of horrors, they are more like a performance with real actors, special effects, storytelling, shocks and jokes. It was very entertaining and educational to see what London looked like hundred years ago.

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