8 янв. 2014 г.

Living with a British Family

By Alina Osmolovskaia & Ksenia Elatanceva

We took part in exciting trip to London. We spent there 1 week and all students of our group lived in different families around Greenwinch. 

Ksenia and I lived three train stations from Greenwich. It was quite tiring to get up early in the morning and go by train to the meeting point.

Our house where we lived was not very big or small. We lived on the first floor and had one room on our own. When we saw our room at the first moment we were shocked, because it was the smallest room of this flat and there were bunk beds, small sofa and table. Also, we noticed, that in London in flats or houses temperature is very low, it is really cold. Of course, than we got accustomed to the lack of space and cold, because we were at home only for sleeping and breakfast and dinner.

Our family was very small - mother and her small son. The mother's name is Francise and her son's name is Monier. Also, she has a daughter, but she lives and works in the USA. We do not know anything about Fransise's job and age, but we learned that Monier is 8 years old and he is a pupil and studies in the 3rd grade at school. Monier was really nice and communicative. Every day he was having fun, playing with ipad and sometimes he did his homework :) We like him very much!

I totally agree with Alina's story is worth adding that Francis had welcomed in her house a huge number of students from around the world, including students from Russia. There were students from Cuba, Krasnodar, evidenced by the huge number of magnets on her fridge. Alina and I also brought a gift to our family - a beautiful plate with a picture of Prague. 

Every day we had breakfast - cereal and toast, for dinner it was typically meat with rice or potatoes. Evenings we spent in conversation with our parents on Skype or watching television programs. It was a nice trip and it will forever remain in our memory.

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