10 янв. 2014 г.

Globe Theatre

By Diana Sintsova

In December we went on an exciting journey to London by bus. Although the week was rather tough for those of us, who are used to spending mornings and partly afternoons sitting with our books studying instead of infinite walking, it was terrific and unforgettable. We visited a lot of London’s nicest places, and The Globe, the William Shakespeare theatre, was not an exception. 

There was a lovely lady who made the excursion so bright and interesting telling us the history of the theatre and a few funny or mysterious and sometimes terrifying stories. Did you know that The Globe was rebuilt three times because of fires? Yeah, me neither. 

As we were walking deeper to the original space of the theatre we manage to see  pictures of the artists performing there and philanthropists helping the theatre financially in all times, their signatures and parts of the ‘‘ancient’’  floor tiles. 

And then we were there, in the artistic and cultural centre of London’s theatre life in the 17th century. The first thing you can see is how the past and the present are well colliding: some children from a primary school having their small performance with guitars, songs and a teacher on the stage. You cannot take a picture of them because it is illegal in England. The guide stopped talking and she just let us watch. It all made me think about history in general, and how lucky we were to be there in healthy (you know The Plague, right?) and peaceful present. 

We went upstairs to the ‘’VIP seats’’ to see the theatre from another angle. We know that the rich and perfectly-dressed ladies used to sit there in order to show off. Well the world has changed. Hasn’t it?
You shouldn’t forget that it’s London, and it is December. It was extremely cold outside and it got impossible to stay and just stare at the magnificence of the gone times listening to the lovely lady with all her funky stories, because the theatre does not have a roof. Although she had much more to tell us, the excursion had to come to the logical end and we then had some time to go shopping in a nice gift store. 

To sum up, just saying that we managed to know and feel much more than you can read in wikipedia. That was totally worth it! 

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