1 мая 2013 г.

The entrance exam at the Faculty of Humanities

Подготовка к обучению в вузах Чешской Республики по специальностям, где английский язык играет одну из важнейших ролей, весьма популярна у наших студентов (вы, наверное, уже заметили, что в следующем учебном году мы начинаем готовить студентов к обучению в вузах на английском языке). В апреле несколько студентов-англистов попробовало свои силы на вступительном экзамене на факультете гуманитарных наук в Карловом университете. О своих впечатлениях от экзамена на английском языке пишет Юлия Иванчевская.

Дополнение от 20.05.2013 - автор заметки получила высокий балл на вступительном экзамене и была принята на факультет гуманитарных наук Карлова университета.

On Saturday April,20 some students from  Krystal including me took the entrance exam at the Faculty of Humanities of Charles University. Maybe it is just my feeling, but the time has passed so quickly since the end of the first semester. Hardly had I realized it was high time I gathered up courage to sit the first of the forthcoming entrance exams, and I was already standing in front of Prague Congress centre, where the event was held.

By that time at our translation seminar we had worked on different academic texts written on various psychological and sociological themes, which had been used in the previous examinations. So we were not supposed to be surprised by the contents of the future task. Of course we were a bit anxious as we had not expected that such a great number of students would take the exam. The waiting also played its role in our anxiety: we started writing the exam an hour later than we were supposed to.
After entering the building of the Congress centre all the applicants found their rooms, in which they would spend the nearest three hours. The names of the rooms matched the colours of invitations we had received a month before the entrance exam. So we imagined the whole room would be the same colour including the floor, the walls and the pieces of furniture. I had got a violet invitation and I thought I was lucky because if I had received an orange one, I would have hated it. Fortunately, it turned out later that only the curtains were the same colour as our invitations.

Before the exam began we also had to queue in order to come into the rooms. Finally we were seated and, having calmed down, I noticed our room looked quite pleasant and comfortable to work there. I tried to count up the number of applicants and found out there were about 150 of them only in our room. If we take into account the number of rooms and the fact that the exam was taken in two rounds- in the morning and in the afternoon, we will get an impressive quantity of students who wanted to try their hand at that examination.

After a short speech and getting all the necessary papers we started translating. Of course we were not allowed to use any electronic equipment, so I could hear the rustle of dictionaries from everywhere. Although I like to work in silence, it did not annoy me as I was too concentrated on the task. The theme of the text to be translated was unusual: “Funeral”. The text described the role of funeral rituals in a society and their calming effect on the relatives of the deceased. There were three questions we had to answer. Certainly while translating I faced some difficulties and tricky expressions, but they were not very significant, so the whole text was rather understandable and easy to work on.

To my surprise, almost all Czech students kept on translating till the end of the third hour, though I thought it would be far easier for them to translate the text into their native language. It proves that knowing foreign languages is not enough to cope with such a task, it is also important to be able to find the right expressions without losing the sense and the ideas the text contains.

After the lapse of three hours the work was done and the applicants, having taken all the papers, went to the exit, where the papers were handed in and thoroughly assorted. When I left the room, I felt such a relief and I even could not believe I had taken the exam. Despite the fact we will know the results at the end of May, every person who has put effort into the exam deserves a compliment. So I congratulate all the applicants, especially the students from Krystal, on having been brave enough to take the exam and I wish them good luck! 

Iulia Ivancevscaia

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